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Setting Cover requirements.

Every childcare setting has busy periods or staffing shortages due to illness.  'East Anglia's Premier Childcare Agency' (SCA)  aim to provide qualified professionals able to fill the gap during these times - enabling you to continue providing the best childcare for your attendees.

If you have specific requirements such as SEN, or simply would like some more information to see if we have the right fit for you please email us your requirements to

Once we receive a completed application form within 14 days we will ring to arrange appointment to visit.  We will provide the setting with all correspondence that is required regarding any paperwork.  

We will ask for:

· Copy of Insurance certificate

· Copy of registration ie Ofsted/Agency

· Copy of Risk Assessment 

· Signed agreement for provision

· Childcare professional you would be requiring: ie level of qualification needed within your setting

· Duties of work

· Dress code

Our aim is to fully understand your requirements and provide you with the best fit for your setting

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